Posted on Saturday 14th January 2017 8:14 am from Leicester

Hello dear family and friends,

So, at last I am ready to go. All packed up, travelling light - I am no where near the 30Kg luggage alloawance- and feel at peace. Yesterday I attanded a birthday party, said goodbye to my film buddy, left the car in care of dear friends down the road and now, I waiting for James and children to arrive. We will all meet up at Birmingham airport. How nice to be sent off by the family!! A good statrt to the journey known, but uncertainty and adventure lie ahead....

I am watching news as I type this: the winter has not done the damage expected, so that's good - hope it continues to be mild. Brexiters are restless and so are we all in anticipation of the momentous changes 2017 will bring in the political arena. I shall have a new perspective in India and NZ as I watch Brexiting and Trumping. I hope that by the time I am back in March, shape of things to come will be clearer.

I am really looking forward to this trip - it is a mix of tourism, family re-unions, following research (19th century Gujarat) interest in Mumbai and then more 'family' reunion in NZ. My dear friends in Auckland have been as close to me as my family and I am so looking forward to being with them. Also, of course, to explore a bit of NZ, a journey unknown.

Well, I expect the doorbell to ring any time (it is 0830 on 14th January).  So I will close this chapter for now. Next time , you will hear from me when I am in Gujarat!!!

So, ciao ciao for now!! Be warm and stay healthy!



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Goodbye 2016, annus horribilis, hello optimistic 2017! W e have migration crisis, Brexit, Trump, Syria and perennial Middle East crisis. Personally, I had couple of stents put in to renovate my heart and a new knee to renovate my knee. Now I am turning into bionic man, but I don't feel like a superman or ironman. Still, I feel fit enough to undertake my second odyssey to Gujarat and to New Zealand! So, at last I have psyched myself up to begin this journey (on the 14th January) and this blog, using my my Christmas prezzie of a new laptop. Thanks kids!! The plan is to go first to Gujarat to see family and then, on 8th-9th February to Mumbai to make contact with a fellow scholar about Alexander Forbes, my Scottish hero, the 'gardner' of Gujarat; then on the 13th February fly to Auckland to see my friends, the Bartons, on St Valentine's Day! Tabitha and I have been friends since the 60's, she is not only a friend but my guru and mentor, a part of my psyche. So it will be emotional but also exhilarating. I hope to transmit this excitement with humour and perhaps irony. So bear with me, my friends. And, if you can, please feed me your comments and keep in touch. Christmas and New Year celebrations were good and passed with the usual suspects. Though I had booked my flights, I was wobbly in my mind if I want to travel alone, once again, and miss my friends and family. For a fraction of a second I had thought of calling the whole thing off, a sign of momentary lack of confidence and fear of lonliness of the long distance traveller. But today, 3rd of January, I am ready to go, with a new suitcase and new confidence. There is not much more to say for now. I know I will miss you all very much, but time will pass soon and I will be back by Spring, to see my garden springing up and smiles on the faces of all my loved ones. So goodbye for now, arrividerci amici!

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